More Opportunities. More Resources.
A Better Man.

Reluctant to join a Fraternity because of the stereotypes?
Our founding members have the opportunity to create exactly what they want out of their college and fraternal experience. Why not step-up and build an organization that defies the stereotypes.

Leadership, Mentoring, and Friendship.
Triangle closes the gap between classroom lessons and those skills necessary to compete in a global society. The emphasis is on a balanced education, blending networking & social skills.

Improve Your Academic Standing.
Nationwide, our chapters consistently maintain one of the highest grade point averages of the men’s fraternities. This results from the advantages and support of forming a brotherhood of those men in the same or related fields of study.

Find Others Who Want to Excel.
Triangle is handpicking men who strive to be the best of the best. Be part of a team that is just more than a Greek organization. We are looking for men who are dedicated to serving their communities, leading change, and showing respect to everyone on campus.

Join A National Family.
Networking, networking, networking! Joining Triangle Fraternity means our members gain access to 15,000 living alumni. This also opens doors to internships, co-ops, and career opportunities.

And You Won’t Be Doing This Alone.
Triangle Fraternity has an incredible alumni advisory board that mentors and coaches the organization at the university.

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