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There is not a time in a mans life that he goes without mentors. Mentors provide guidance and support through difficult and prosperous times for each and every one of us. Over the course of ones life we all have many mentors, appearing in a number of forms, within the fraternal world alumni are very powerful form of mentors. Alumni provide a personal and professional level of support, combining values with the wisdom gathered from years of working in the same industries. We are very grateful to have the local and national alumni support that we do.

Alumni Board

If you interested in becoming more involved with the active chapter or the alumni board please fill out the form above; we welcome all ages and alumni from any chapter.  For a list of opportunities see the attached list:

Alumni Board Opportunities

Current Members:

  • Ed Spencer
  • John Phillips
  • Gary Bodnar
  • Brian Jansen
  • Fred Stave
  • Robert Folz
  • Chad Kallmeyer


Please contact us at alumniboard@uctriangle.org. Even join us on Facebook.

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